About the Rapper

dauda, like most of his generation, has been listening to Hip-Hop for as long as he can remember.  At age six, dauda's older brother was putting together a CD and helped dauda pen his first verse.  By age ten, saxophone had become serious and rapping faded into the background.

In 2015, ABUSA (black students organization at Oberlin College) made demands of Oberlin to better serve its students through reviewing its policies.  These demands were leaked to the internet and resulted in shooting threats to black students.  The threats successfully intimidated many students, and Oberlin increased security to avoid backlash.  During this time, dauda no longer felt that saxophone was effective in getting his message across to his peers.  He began writing that day and since then, has incorporated it into his projects.

Earlier this year, dauda recorded his first feature with an upcoming pianist/singer-songwriter/producer Elijah Fox, based in Brooklyn, New York.

For business inquiries: 443 315 9242 • contact@iamdauda.com